Tim Radford Rules, OK!

On 28th November I attended a Guardian Masterclass – Science Writing With Tim Radford. To quote from his profile:

“Tim Radford is a freelance journalist. He worked for The Guardian for 32 years, becoming – among other things – letters editor, arts editor, literary editor and science editor. He won the Association of British Science Writers award for science writer of the year four times.”

The fact that he can have covered such a diverse range of fields and yet, with no science background, still claim such accolades as a science writer, shows just how good a journalist he is. I am not going to give all of his tricks away, because I paid to attend his three-hour lecture and I need all the help I can get. Suffice to say it was instructive, inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable.

Also, The Guardian’s offices are quite funky, and they served wine.