Evolution: The Tree of Life is really a tangled thicket

Evolutionary biologists say crossbreeding between species is far more common than previously thought, making a nonsense of the idea of discrete evolutionary branches. The image of the “tree of life” demonstrating discrete evolutionary paths for separate species is an oversimplification.

Very interesting. But I must berate both The Guardian and the scientists involved for claiming that “Darwin was wrong” as a result. He is a figure of the 19th Century, for heaven’s sake, and the “tree of life” is as much metaphor as anything else. He isn’t wrong, his ideas have simply been developed on the back of more than a century of research – they have “evolved”, if you like. Stupid headlines like this simply hand ammo to Creationists and religious fundamentalists.

Evolution: Charles Darwin was wrong about the tree of life | Science | guardian.co.uk.


3 thoughts on “Evolution: The Tree of Life is really a tangled thicket

  1. We should be adding our discoveries to his work, and updating a unified knowledge, not claiming a 19th century Scientist as wrong !
    He thought about and proved this in the 19th century ! isn’t that quite an achievement in itself ?

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