Prince Charles attacks global warming sceptics

Prince Charles


Prince Charles will, I’m sure, be heavily criticised in the media for his attack “corporate lobbyists” and climate change sceptics for turning the earth into a “dying patient”, in his most direct speech yet on the world’s failure to tackle global warming, delivered during a conference he was hosting for scientists at St. James’s Palace. Whether on farming and land management, architecture, alternative medicine or environmental issues, the Prince is a passionate exponent of his views. Many of them invite disagreement – I, for example, strongly disagree with his views on alternative medicine.

But as I’ve said before, he has a perfect right to express his views and can’t be criticised simply because he takes advantage of a platform available to him. When he is King, he may have to be more restrained. Or maybe he won’t. But he isn’t King yet. I salute his fearless confrontation of entrenched interests.

Prince Charles attacks global warming sceptics | Environment |


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