How climate scientists are being framed

The issue of climate change is a charged one in my extended household, as one particular member of it (my father, if you must know) is a strident denier. I take a more “mainstream” view – the reality of climate change has been convincingly demonstrated, and it’s causes are partly cyclical but probably exacerbated by global industrial activity. Some form of strategy aimed at mitigating its effects as well as adapting to them is undoubtedly an urgent priority.

My father is a baby boomer consumer par excellence and, threatened by the implications of climate change for his economic worldview, chooses to swallow wholesale the dissenting views of a small minority who continue to pedal untruths, half-truths and conspiracy theories to a public largely unaware of the nuances of the science.

So it is that I find myself saddened and disturbed by Graham Redfearn’s article:

How climate scientists are being framed | Graham Readfearn | Environment |


3 thoughts on “How climate scientists are being framed

  1. Just to clarify. You’re saddened and disturbed by the actual article (i.e., he shouldn’t have written it the way he did) , or saddened and disturbed because of what the article is indicating is taking place.

    • Good point, sorry for being unclear. I am saddened and disturbed that climate change scientists are being subject to such treatment in the media, as described by the article’s author. Thanks for helping me to clarify, and thanks for reading.

      • I thought that was what you were suggesting. It is indeed a real worry and, I would imagine, must have some impact on the decisions that people make about whether or not to consider a career in climate science.

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